Fluchtwege (“Escapes”) is a document of the European Refugee Crisis in Austria. The images were shot for NGOs, magazines but also on private initiative. In early November 2015 I had the idea to publish these pictures as a book, assuming that these months would be historically unique for different reasons: the massive amount of people moving through Austria on their way to Germany, the large number of people seeking asylum in Austria, the “Willkommenskultur” that was driven by half of the country and saved the situation and so on and so on.

So  I set up a crowdfunding site (to be found HERE) asked my dear friends Michael Fetz (Layout) and Sonja Weiss (proofreading) to help me, contacted well known journalists and writers but also refugees themselves to contribute, and went nearly mad in crisscrossing eastern Austria to get more footage, get better deals with printing presses, organizing sponsors, getting everything ready before christmas, and finally publish my first book on December 21st 2015.

All Proceedings from the sales go to charity.

You can find out more and order it at

You can watch my hands flipping through the book ON VIMEO

You can read articles on the book at Designaustria, DMA and PAGE Magazine.