The crowd has found its rhythm within a ring of fire, noise and fumes. The bulls are continually received euphorically. Good individual shows get extra support from the masses. Seemingly there are even more people on the square than in the beginning. Dozens are following the raging bulls across the square and start jumping as soon as the fuse is lit. Alcohol might add to the slightly rougher feeling on the square, which now feels rather like a big moshpit. Young men who got rid of their T-shirts and frenetically run, jump and rage add to this impression. It might be the young men who work in the firework factories day after day, who alloy pieces of fire and light. They obviously enjoy this intimate contact with the products of their own labor. It seems to be a meet up with a dangerously magnetic and beloved friend who shows his real face on this occasion. A brightly lit ecstatic face, in a horizontal crush of bodies, fire, light and pain. (from the accompanying text, Fuego!Fuego!)

This story was published worldwide by the RedBulletin, December 2015.

You can read an interview about the work here (picsart) or here (Red Bulletin, including more pictures)

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