Light Rail (2016)

Addis Abeba is on the rise. The authorities, in a joint effort with Chinese manufacturers, built a railway network that spreads through large parts of the city and aims to modernize public transport and the notion of Ethiopia as a whole. At construction costs of not even a billion dollars it was seemingly a bargain. It serves as a gateway to areas that were not part of the city before, areas of strong foreign investment and interest. Due to struggles over land social unrest followed soon, and it is not clear how it will develop.

„Light Rail“ follows the tracks of this transport system. The pictures have at their core the notion of the synchronicity of uncontemporary in urban living. Modernity meets age old social structures, religions melt, peasants meet Chinese construction workers and their housing projects. Everything is happening at the same time. The same is true for the images: without digital  or post factual manipulation i found a way to synchronize the happenings infront of the lens with what’s happening next to it or behind it, at the exact same time.


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