The Vienna Biennale 2015 commissioned me to take photos of the performance festival held in June in Vienna. They wanted to have conceptual images, focussing on the surrounding as well as on the performers. I developed a photographic concept producing multidimensional images which look similar to double or multiple exposures BUT ARE NOT. The images were used to illustrate a book on the festival.

And what a book that was. With foldouts, double page spreads, a USB stick featuring videos of the performances, above all a long text by Peter Weibel… it doesn’t get much better.

The beautiful layout was done by Klaus Mitter, the videos were done by Ewa Stern, the production was financed by the Vienna Biennale, and managed by Herwig Beo Labostella. What a pleasure to work with such people.

PS: the photographic technique evolved quite a bit further – so stay tuned for a personal project done with it.
001_MG_0391 002_MG_0411 003_MG_0450 004_MG_0455 005_MG_0460 006_MG_0463 007_MG_0465 008_MG_0473 009_MG_0477 010_MG_0479

Barbis Ruder:


Wiener Beschwerdechor:

_MG_0910 _MG_0971-Pano _MG_1008

Katherine Ryan / Amy Spiers:

_MG_1902-Pano_MG_1914_MG_1985 _MG_2013

Aposematic Jacket:

apo3_MG_0362 apo13_MG_1350apo17_MG_1520-Pano

Barbara Holub:

Holub06_MG_0803 Holub10_MG_1768-Pano Holub11_MG_1648Holub38_MG_1864

Johan Lorbeer: