– El Volcan

„On the way back from the volcano it starts to snow. The sound is the same. The effect is the same. All is covered with a black layer of ash. It depends on the direction of the wind where it snows. Closer to the volcano it rather feels and sounds like rain. The Palmeros are all wearing masks, no matter if it rains or snows or because Covid19 is still an issue. I get the feeling that nobody really knows any longer. The policemen in El Paso, the closest mid sized town to the volcano even wear gas masks as if they were standing right in a zone of mustard gas. The precariousness of the situation is physically perceptible. It is the constant shaking of the earth and the explosions in the background that make locals deeply nervous. 1200 houses have been covered in lava, many more might be buried underneath it when the flow changes its direction. A tenth of the island’s population was made homeless by the volcano. The residents have been staying with friends or family for weeks and will have to for nobody knows how much longer.“