– Österreich 1


What started as a byproduct for 974, quickly developed into a project of its own. I was intrigued by the possibility to streetphotograph in places where there is no street. As in 974 I was interested in a more authentic but also more personal representation of the country than the one featured in mainstream channels. Although there is no shortage of critical representation of Austria especially in the movies, it tends to be either satirical or emotionally super heavy. You will find these two approaches in this work as well, but I was intuitively looking for icons which communicate immediately and directly – in a humoristic, humanistic and easily understandable way.

Combined with weird Austrian roadside attractions „Österreich 1“ deals with topics like the relationship of men and women, man and animal, man and nature, Austrian tidyness, friendship, provinciality, spare time activities, alcohol, fear, self representation, catholicism and the role of the family, a little sex and the futility of being – just to name a few. The melancholic undertone probably came natural.

This series kind of fell asleep as my photographic interests somehow shifted over the recent years, but I plan to finish Österreich 1 for its 10th anniversary.

Parts of the series have been published in a book on Vienna, others were featured in the Jubilee Issue of the Austrian daily DiePresse including the cover. The series consists of 120 images, the following is a small extract: