– Transitions


Transitions is the outcome of some years of research of the metaphoric ability of images. The title refers to the potential of photography to become a symbol for something else, at the same time it refers to personal change at a period of transition from young manhood to fatherdom.

What started as different smaller projects somehow merged into a big one. I was observing that I photograph the same topics, over and over again, I am looking for the same picture in different forms, year after year, project after project, In the end I found that I always photographed myself and that I can only see what I already know. Topics that intrigue me are for example the relationship between individual and society, the burden of life, the transient nature of all things, political power and masses, care, well being and protection, influences and inspiration, lasting and fleeing impressions, small and big achievements of the individual and the many, disappointments and all attempts in vain, the circle of life, anthropomorphisms and the viewers eye, integration and disintegration, melancholia and joy.

Transitions also refers to the openendedness of this project. Every time I try to edit it from 1000 images to a hundred or two I come up with a new edit, everytime I look at the old edit I find something that has to be removed and something that has to be added. The following edit is thus exactly that: transitional.

The images were shot in New Zealand, Marocco, Austria, Croatia, Mexico, India, Ethiopia, Oman, Ukraine, Cuba and Turkey.